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The Long Jump - The Story of Jean-Baptiste Alaize

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This is the true story of Jean-Baptiste Alaize.
Now an exceptional sprinter and long jumper, Jean-Baptiste lost his right leg when he was just three years old during the civil war in Burundi.
When he met his adoptive dad, Robert, Jean-Baptiste had never seen a white man before. But they bonded over the fact that his dad too had lost his right leg in an accident years before.
Through the story of this extraordinary athlete, The Long Jump tackles themes such as transracial adoption, living with a disability, finding your purpose and achieving your dreams.

This is the second title in Paralympians, a children’s book series about 4 of the greatest Paralympic athletes of our time including Russian-American wheelchair racer Tatyana McFadden; Iranian archer Zahra Nemati; and Italian fencer Beatrice Vio.