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Undercats Inc.

Elves on the Fifth Floor

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In the city of R., nothing bad ever happens, because the residents maintain the status quo at all costs. But the children of R. have had enough. When a new family―two moms and their three kids―arrive just before Christmas, they team up with the local kids on a magical adventure to save Christmas and bring community back to the city.

Elves on the Fifth Floor is the first book in the series about the magical adventures of a close-knit group of friends in the city of R.

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Emma D.
Australia Australia

A book of hope in difficult times

Such a well told story. Shows the reality of the situation but with beautiful hope woven into it.

Suzie A.
United States United States

Makes my heart sing!

This colourfully illustrated short chapter book is a joy. I read it in one sitting. The way that the two mum family is portrayed here is brilliant, so natural and just a part of the story and we definitely need more children's books like this. Everyone loves a Christmas story and this one will delight young readers. I can imagine lots of children wanting to volunteer to wrap presents with the elves. One little part that I totally loved was the idea of 'lose a minute' where everyone gathered together before they started their work. I love this! I love the characters in the book and I do hope now the author will develop these and that we as the readers will get to know them and the place in which they live ' R 'even better. This is a Christmas book that goes further and allows so many more families and children to see themselves in books and that makes my heart sing.

Beverly C.
United States United States

It's unique and a lot of fun!

Children loved to be read to and this is an excellent addition to their yearly stories. It's unique and a lot of fun!

Magi H.
United States United States

There is so much love, compassion, kindness, wisdom and hope written into this story!

There is so much love, compassion, kindness, wisdom and hope written into this story. Isabelle and Dominique are realistic and likeable as they work through a move to a new town with three children. Their relationship is natural and heartwarming. They are role models for the belief that Love of family is universal and isn't limited by gender. At the beginning of the story, when the town's adults were unfriendly I thought the story was going to be about shunning the lesbian couple but instead it turned out to be a story of people who feared themselves as much as they feared strangers. I loved the part when the Scouts tricked their parents into coming to the apartment and the diversity of the parents was apparent in a natural, totally accepting manner. There are so many talking points in this story and I found myself wanting to read it to a group of kids just for the joy of talking about the many elements that went into this story. How delightful is it to show families that find each other again during the holidays instead of the usual family quarrels? I had no expectations starting this book and I'm happy to say that reading it has introduced me to a new author and illustrator. Santa and the elves don't overshadow but definitely play a big role in steering the story. Which will make it a fun read or listen for a wide age range. The illustrations are the perfect backdrop for the story and reflect the story's actions for younger readers/listeners. This story both delighted and reminded me that love and hope are always available in our world, sometimes we just have to work harder to find it. The past couple of weeks (years, really) have left us all with the need to be reminded that love and miracles are out there if we're open to the possibilities.

Kelly H.
United States United States

Just amazing! Loved this book!

Just amazing! Loved this book! Loved the family was led by two mamas, loved their hope, loved their belief in magic and Christmas, loved the element of surprise towards the end - all of it! The illustrations are uh-DORABLE! The font was even great - super kid and late-night friendly. We need more of these books! Diverse, goodness in character's hearts, imagination! Yes please!