The Story of Elliot Page

The Story of Elliot Page

Once upon a time, in Canada, there was a child that wouldn’t let anything stand in his way. He came from a city called Halifax, which was right by one of the coldest oceans on Earth.

When he was born, the outside of this child’s body looked like the outside of a girl’s body, so the doctors told his parents he was a girl and the parents decided to call him “Ellen”.

From a very young age, the child spent most of his time outdoors, whether playing soccer with friends, riding his bike in the woods for hours or swimming in the frosty lakes. He loved how the wilderness made him feel, the freedom of being himself fully, of becoming one with nature.

Into the woods, it didn’t matter whether the child was a boy or a girl. It didn’t matter whether he wanted a girlfriend or a boyfriend. The only thing that mattered was the wind on his cheeks and the sweet scent of musk and dew.

But out of the woods, everything was different. People expected different things from boys and girls. For example, they expected girls to want boyfriends and boys to want girlfriends. They expected girls to like pink and boys to like blue. And they expected everyone to be happy with being told which of these two boxes, the pink or the blue, they should fit in the minute they were born.

The child knew there was something different about him. But he also did not know what it was, so he kept that feeling to himself and didn’t talk to anyone about it.

One night, though, his family brought him to the theatre, to see the musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera’.

For the entirety of the play, two hours and thirty minutes, the child sat on the edge of his seat, his small hands clutching the worn-out, red velvet armrest, his eyes glued onto the brightly lit stage in anticipation of the actors’ every move.

He had never seen anything like that. On that stage, people had the freedom of being whoever they wanted to be.

“That’s it.” He thought “I too will be an actor.”

So, he started attending drama school and landed his first role in a movie when he was only 10 years old!

Slowly but surely, the child became an acclaimed actor, loved by many.

While he loved being a successful actor, the more people saw him on the screen, the more expectations they had about him.

“Ellen!” the journalists would ask on the red carpet “who is your boyfriend? Why are you not wearing pink?”

He was afraid to answer. And he was also confused. So many people saw him as something that he wasn’t, and he did not want to disappoint them. Yet, he was determined to know himself.

The first thing he understood was that he didn’t want a boyfriend. He wanted a girlfriend.

But what if the people stopped loving him once he told everyone that he did not want a boyfriend? Would people stop seeing his movies? He loved being an actor and didn’t want to risk losing it all.

But, by not talking openly about it, the young man realized, he was losing something more important: himself. He thought about the night he had decided to become an actor. “What’s the point of being everyone you want to be if you can’t be yourself?” he thought.

So, one day, he told his fans everywhere that he loved women, and shortly after he married the woman he loved, a beautiful dancer called Emma.

But his journey was not over. Millions of people around the world now knew ‘Ellen’ was gay, journalists wouldn’t ask about boyfriends anymore, and that was good but there was still something that didn’t feel right.

People around the world, fans, friends, still saw him as a girl, as an actress. And it came the day when he realized that he may have been born in a girl’s body, he may have been given a girl’s name, but the truth was he had always been a boy. He had always been a ‘he’, not a ‘she’.

Now that he knew, he wanted everyone to see him as he saw himself.

Once again, the young man thought people would stop loving him. After all, he had already asked for their understanding once. Could he ask again?

“Yes, I can.” He thought. “Only by being honest about who I am, can I become the man I’ve always dreamt of being.”

And so, one day, he wrote a beautiful letter, and he posted it on Instagram.

“I want to share with you that I am trans, my pronouns are he/they and my name is Elliot.” he said.

Elliot chose to follow his heart and to be brave, even if he was scared. Even if millions of people were watching, he chose to live as close as possible to his true self and he was patient enough to discover, little by little, who he really was.

Sometimes, we will be scared.
Sometimes, we will be confused.
Sometimes, we will feel that something is wrong and we won’t know what it is. But by being patient, and by listening to our heart, we will learn to see who we are, and we will show the world how proud we are of our true self.

Francesca Cavallo &
Sylvia Bertolotti