The Story of Elliot Page

Once upon a time, in Canada, there was a child that wouldn’t let anything stand in his way. He came from a city called Halifax, which was right by one of the coldest oceans on Earth.

When he was born, the outside of this child’s body looked like the outside of a girl’s body, so the doctors told his parents he was a girl and the parents decided to call him “Ellen”.

From a very young age, the child spent most of his time outdoors, whether playing soccer with friends, riding his bike in the woods for hours or swimming in the frosty lakes. He loved how the wilderness made him feel, the freedom of being himself fully, of becoming one with nature. 

Into the woods, it didn’t matter whether the child was a boy or a girl. It didn’t matter whether he wanted a girlfriend or a boyfriend. The only thing that mattered was the wind on his cheeks and the sweet scent of musk and dew.

But out of the woods, everything was different. People expected different things from boys and girls. For example, they expected girls to want boyfriends and boys to want girlfriends. They expected girls to like pink and boys to like blue. And they expected everyone to be happy with being told which of these two boxes, the pink or the blue, they should fit in the minute they were born.